Who – Hi, my name’s Kim. I’m originally Australian, but have lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years and have a passion for going places, seeing things, experiencing what life is like for other people. My objective is to deliver practical, useful content that inspires you to travel, see the world and live a life full of amazing experiences.

I started traveling independently at the age of 19.  My current adventure began in April 2016 as a solo female traveller, and I’m still out there doing what I love, meeting people and exploring the planet. I’m now a “we” and I’m very lucky that he’s from this part of the world.  It’s quite an adventure, and I hope to capture some of the insider info, tips and tricks to share with you.

Where – I did a very quick group tour to cover Mexico to Costa Rica initially, and while it’s a great way to get an overview of the region, I’m now taking time to immerse in the culture, learn the language (!) enjoy the places I loved and explore new destinations.  Hopefully, we’ll reach Colombia for Carnival in February 2017, but who knows, plans always change, and that’s half the fun!

What – Info on getting to and from places, sightseeing, what to see, where to “Eat Drink Dance Sleep”, travel hacks, and tips from hard earnt experience.  To date, I’ve spent 309 nights in hotels since April 3rd and am hoping to share some of that experience with you here… more to come in 2017!